Yasmine G

Added January 15, 2008

A hard movie with a lot of deepthroating is the missing puzzle piece fo Yasmine. She sucks off five guys and takes five loads of cum on her face.

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Yasmine Gold


Body Type petite skinny smooth skin Breasts small Butt apple Clothes bikini boots Cumshot facial - bukkake Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type baby face next-door Fetish eye contact tittie play Furniture chair Hair long - straight Hair color blonde Location living room outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Pubic Hair trimmed Pussy/Labia medium Sex blowjob - multiple deep throat throat fucking Skin tone light Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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Yasmine Gold is a 21-year-old, blonde cutie from Hungary. At http://www.myspace.com/yasmine1985 you can see the A-cup angel’s own My Space page. Wearing a black top, shorts, and silver boots she walks around on a patio deck outside. Yasmine finds five naked guys stroking their cocks, waiting for her on the deck against the wall. Instinctively Yasmine drops to her knees. Starting on the right of the line she starts sucking and jerking two of the cocks. Bit by bit she shuffles to her left down the line. Her hands and mouth are never empty, always filled with cock. One of the men loosens and removes her top as she works on the line of cocks. As Yasmine reaches the end the boys close in around her, forming a circle. The gagging begins as they drive their dicks deep into her throat. Yasmine is very good at crowding two heads into her mouth at the same time. One of the studs lifts her off the ground, and turns her upside down. Her skirt and panties are discarded. The inverted Yasmine sucks on his cock as he munches on her pussy. She is then shuffled to another stud in the same position to suck some more cock. The boys carry their trophy into the house. All five of them lie on the wooden floor. Commencing on the left Yasmine begins sucking them once more. I love watching the first guy drivefully holding her head down as he pile drives his cock into her mouth. One by one the blonde cocksucker climbs over their legs, and sucks on each cock in the line. I am not sure the little bitch knew how rough the boys would be. They love fucking her mouth hard, and making her choke down their dicks. Once more they carry her off. They place Yasmine on the edge of the sofa with her head dangling over the end. Immediately a cock fills her mouth. Yasmine is an eager participant in the cocksucking. Each stud has his turn slamming her mouth as slobber starts building up on her face. They help her up to her knees on the cushion. Boom a cock is back in her mouth. His hand cups her throat during the mouth pounding. Each stud takes his turn with her mouth. They have Yasmine lie on her stomach and reach back with her hands to her legs crossed behind her. Her mouth once more is filled with tubesteak. The studs left ferocious,izing her mouth. They put a metal bowl beneath her so she can spit out the slobber building up in her mouth. They have her squat on the wood floor as they encircle her. The ferocious oral mugging continues. Yasmine’s mouth and hands work frantically on the yummy beefsteaks. It is clear this is a perfect combination; a group of guys who like to give brutish mouth-fuckings, and a babe who likes her throat roughed up. The circle breaks up. The guys each take a shot at power-fucking her mouth. Yasmine does not even blink during the fierce throat pumping. They hoist Yasmine off the ground, and tip her upside down so she can do some more inverted cocksucking. Her face glows. She loves what she is doing. They also hold her suspended like a superhero flying. This supergirl loves using her super dick-sucking powers. Sitting back on her heels, Yasmine takes a seat back on the floor. Her cock-munching continues. It is now time for her facial treatment. Hopefully the high protein therapy will help her with her slight complexion problem. The first batch is applied to her lips and chin. From her left the next dick doctor gives her a good dose of prick protein. The third physician drops a huge load of medication on her blemished forehead, and also shoots a nice string of semen across her right eye. From her right, the forth stud squeezes out a huge measure onto her nose. The fifth dose is applied to her lips and chin. Yasmine is a fucking mess. It shows you that young girls don’t need “Proactive” for their facial imperfection. The cameraman drops white, chicken feathers onto Yasmine that stick to her. Instead of being “tar & feathered” she was “jazzed & feathered” by the five studs.


SUMMARY: This was a typical CumForCover scene. There's nothing new here except for the promise of an idea that never really comes to fruition (the drool-bowl). Yasmine doesn't look as good as she used to, and I didn't particularly like her outfit here either. Ah well, the climax is certainly worthy of the CFC name, and for those who are only looking for that, you won't be disappointed. If you're after originality, though, you'll have to look elsewhere. DETAILS: Yasmine is pretty hot, but she's missing that cute innocent look she once had in her earlier PerfectGonzo scenes. She's blonde, and has a skimpy denim two-piece that she shows off to the neighborhood on the roof of a house. After providing some pussy-peek-a-boos to the camera, Yasmine goes downstairs to greet the usual suspects in their police lineup along the wall. She sucks and strokes them as she crawls from guy to guy, and then they carry her into the house where they lie down and she sucks her way from end to end. It's the usual stuff. It only starts to get interesting when one of the guys produces a bowl in which Yasmine starts to deposite her drool, but not surprisingly, Yasmine is not too keen on the idea of the guys pouring the bowl's contents over her face in the middle of the scene. I sympathize, but still... a pity. At least it would have been something different. The cumshots are typically excellent, although Yasmine really looks like she'd rather be somewhere else. MLyons