Added June 3, 2008

Wendy absolutely loves to devour cocks. She gets the fun job of sucking six hard guys and letting them blast their load all over her face.

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Sometimes we focus on the HD Videos that we forget the HD Photos, and in this post I want to talk a little bit about that. As the Bukkake/Gangbang/Blowbang that I am, I really enjoyed the HD Photo set of this scene. It's one of the few Perfect Gonzo scenes that you get one pretty girl against a team of six big, hard dicks. I just love a HD Picture (The High Quality is a must) of a cute girl surrounded by many cocks, and you get many samples of what I'm talking about here Just looking at Wendy's naughty face, having her tongue out, ready to take on the 6 cocks that are around her is enough to get you ready for the actual scene. The boys don't dissapoint either, they all are well armed with tasty-looking dicks, different shapes and sizes, but don't worry, al of them are pornstar level.


So much fun watching the weiners squirting their cum on her face !


It's Dutch treat Sofia Valentine!


We are given 25-year-old brunette Wendy. She has a very nice body with an ok face. Thankfully we all know the best way to improve the beauty of a face is a lot of protein, and Wendy is lucky to be provided with six good donors. All she has to do is earn their special facial cream. The six take a seat on the two sofas. The bitch starts on the left. She can’t wait to taste their beef. She does a very good job at looking at the camera as she moves down the line. From there she kneels in the middle of the room as the guys move in. Her mouth and hands go to work. Wendy does a fine job on all of them. She lies down the white rug on the floor. The throat pounding begins as one guy gets the treat. He loves pulling the back of her head towards him as he fucks her mouth. Wendy plays it up for the camera. On her back on or her hands and knees, she lets the guys fuck her face. She enjoys plenty of choking and nose pinching. I like her attitude, it is upbeat. Wendy knows she is no rocket scientist, but she knows how let the boys use her. The guys lie down on the floor. Wendy goes down the line. At she stop she sees how much beef she can gulp down. Back on her knees the guys resume her throat fucking. They also put her on her back on the sofa with her head dangling over the edge. Wendy likes face fucking from all directions. It is now time for Wendy’s face to jump from a 5 to a 10 with the help of her buddies. The first guy fires away and sprays her right cheek, lips, and nose. She jumps to a 5.5 on the scale. From her left the next guy decorates her left cheek, nose and lips with a healthy load. Wendy climbs to a 6.3 on the face scale. The third man shoots the right side of her face, getting plenty on her lips. She is now at 7.0 on the scale. The next man dribbles out a meager helping onto her hair and face. It raises her very little to 7.2. Seeing his buddy fail, the next guy sprays her faces nicely, hitting her nose, forehead, and right eye. The vaulted her to 8.4 on the scale. The last man squeezes his paste onto her forehead. It left her face at 9.0 on the scale, not quite a 10, but looking much better. It is always nice when the bitch is into, and luckily Wendy was!