Added February 5, 2008

Veronika is looking mighty hot in this movie. The big titted babe gives oral pleasure to four guys and gets four absolutely nasty facial cumshots.

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Veronica Sanchez


Body Type curvy Breasts large Butt thick Clothes fishnet high heels string Cumshot facial - bukkake Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type average slutty Fetish fingers in mouth foot play hair pulling spitting tittie play Furniture carpet chair sofa Hair long - straight ponytail Hair color dark Location living room Male - Cum thick watery Male - Dick size average big Pubic Hair shaved trimmed Pussy/Labia medium Sex blowbang blowjob - multiple deep throat masturbation throat fucking Skin tone light Tease boob flashing flirting

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My number one choice from Cum for Cover. The girl: Cute Veronika, with a pair of big melons. The guys: 4. Yup, just 4, but they did an amazing job. Can these 4 guys meet the expectations for the Bukkake fans, let's see.. First deposit: From the left, our first guy delivers a decent load of transparent semen that covers nicely a big portion of Vero's face. Second deposit: From the right, another load of watery semen that lands perfectly on her face. Veronika's face is shiny right now. Time to bring those big, sticky loads of succulent white sperm we all love! Third: deposit: From the left, a huge cumshot of white cum on Veronika's forehead, she even gets hit on the shoulders. Beautiful. Fourth deposit: Last one, from the right, our director tells the guy where he has to aim, and he ejaculates a nice load of white semen on Veronika's nose. The first two guys were just getting the canvas ready, and the two last guys were amazing artists. Best Cumshot Award: Fourth deposit. A huge amount of white semen, that not only covers her face but her shoulders too.


The guys also did a great job, I was disappointed when I saw only 4 dicks in the scene, but they had their balls full of white-shiny sperm.


Probably the best movie in the Cumforcover site. Verokina is beautiful, and she shows like she's enjoying the whole scene, even when she's covered with a nice amount of semen, she's still smiling and with her eyes open.


We meet 22-year-old, brunette Veronika Sanchez. This bitch seems like she is ready for dick. When the four men enter they find her laying on her stomach on a lounger with her busty tits partial hanging over the edge. Veronika has her hands behind her hold the spiked-heels of her shoes as the first cock moves up to her mouth. All four give her mouth an opening workout with plenty of head and throat grabbing. Veronika lets go of her heels, and presses herself up a bit as she is surround by dicks. She switches off between them with her mouth and hand. Occasionally she even squeezes a pair of them into her mouth at the same time. All four studs lie down on the white rug. Veronika swiftly attacks the waiting dicks one at a time. There is plenty of two-handed head holding as the guys slam their dicks up into her mouth. Because her long, black hair becomes a nuisance they tie it up so we can see the cocksucking action un-obscured. This slut loves slurping on cock and stroking it. She is also partial to sucking on a nut-sack. Her tits sway wonderfully below her as she enjoys her non-vegetarian meal. Veronika spits up a storm on the meaty guys. In a bizarre twist the boys put a roll of toilet paper over their cocks so only their tips show. Veronika pounces on the trapped shafts like a wild wild. It is amazing watching her move down the line, and seeing the different amount of exposed cock she has to work with on each roll. The guys put Veronika back on the lounger, but this time on her back with her head hanging over the edge. They straddle her head and go to work on her mouth. Veronika does not tolerate the mouth-fucking like some cunts, but instead truly enjoys it appears. It is a sweet picture to see her when she has a cock on each side of her face to trade-off on. One stud even tit-fucks her while her mouth works on the two dicks. Veronika is placed on her back across two barstools. Her mouth and hands continue to magical manipulation of manmeat. Her hair is no longer now in a ponytail. They flip her over onto her stomach. The barrage of dicks continues its assault on her mouth. It is incredible when two of the guys hold her up, and move her mouth up and down on a buddy’s cock. On her knees on the floor Veronika cheerfully continues her work on the foursome. The moment is at hand. The first stud let’s out a “sperm storm” as the cameraman puts it. He nicely sprays a large portion of her face. From the left the next contributor shoots several good shots, but some fall and miss her face. The next man adds some nice, thick, white cum to Veronika’s forehead. The last stud also shoots white, thick jizz. It dbangs across her nose and right cheek, and also decorates the left side of her mouth. Veronika looks magnificent after her facial onslaught. The best thing about the whole scene was the enthusiasm she exhibited through out it.


Veronika is in a mesh-like suit with neon pink panties, sitting on a stool as this movie opens. One of her finest qualities, which we are introduced to quickly, are her rather large and seemingly natural breasts! She strips down to her birthday suit, and we get quite a lot of closeups of her finger fucking her own mouth. Not my thing but hey, I'm not one to judge. She lies stomach down on a lounge chair and brings her heels up to her back, grabbing them with her hands. Mouth open, she is ready as one cock comes out of the woodwork to get some oral pleasure. This is a lovely position, and the guys don't hesitate to throat fuck this cutie as her hands are occupied elsewhere. All four guys then circle around her as she takes each one in turn, giving some very energetic no-hands head. The guys for the most part do a good job of throatfucking her, grabbing her by the back of the head and banging her down on their cocks. Nice work. Once in the CumforCover position, they tie her stocking around her head like a headband, and we get great POV shots of this teen taking big rods in her little mouth. They get her back on the lounge chair, this time on her back, with her head hanging off the edge, and more throatfucking ensues. They briefly switch to the airplane manoeuvre (two guys hold her in the air and thrust her onto another's dick), before switching back to her on her knees for the leadup to the facial finish. The first guy blows a solid albeit clear load that plasters her forehead and left eye. The second guy gets off only one good spurt that hits her upper lip. The third guy is money with a thick, white wad of goo that covers her forehead and hits both shoulders! The fourth guy also blows a creamy load, this time onto her nose and left cheek. By the end, she's a gooey mess! Beautiful! Good scene, excellent facial. What we ask for from this site. Rating: 8/10