Added April 12, 2007

This tall and hot brunette is called Susanna and she's 24 years old. Susanna is paired up with a team of four horny guys that can't wait to get a willing mouth suck and massage their cocks to an explosive cum eruption. This chick goes right at it, engaging in a lot of real deep throat fucking that has her makeup dissolve all over her cheeks! Huge four-way facial ending!

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Susanna 9/10 Susanna is one of the real top girls. She has great legs and ass. Her face is perfect: round full checks and great look in her eyes. Susanna always gives and gets it rough! The action is good here because Susanna knows her place is on her knees, keeping her mouth (and eyes) open letting the guys shove their hard cocks balls deep down her throat as much as they want. There are nice details thru out: one of the best is Susanna on the chair with her makeup running down her face in close up looking very face-fucked. The guys keep fucking her throat, often keeping their cocks pushed all the way down and keeping it there for some time. At the end Susanna is back on her knees letting the guys pound her face good. One guy deep throats her good and slow and we see a tear rolling down her face - a great detail! The look on Susanna face is just great at the end with tearstained eyes and ruined make-up staring straight in the camera as the guys unload on her face. Unfortunately none of the guys manage a real bulls-yes, by landing a thick load of cum right in one of her open eyes. But Susanna really looks great in the end! -I love that look on her face! Dmander


We are introduced to Susanna in a living room, wearing a very hot black two piece with sexy black boots. The camera pans up and down her slender figure, these teens are truly a raincoater's dream. She pulls up her skirt to show off her firm ass. She exposes her tits and pussy and starts rubbing her clit. She takes off her clothes (save her boots), and continues caressing her vagina. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door, and Susanna gets up and walks over (naked) to see who it is! Four guys step in, all naked, and bring Susanna over to the middle of the room. She strokes them a bit, then assumes the position and starts the sucking. The guys take turns throatfucking this cute teenie. She gives great no-hands head, as the guys grab the back of her head and shove their cocks in her throat. We get some great shots of all four cocks around her face, as she sucks each one in turn. Each of the guys in turn then gets their cock deep throated by the talented Susanna. Very hot stuff. The last guy is too big, she can only go halfway, but he throatfucks her good. The position shifts; now she's on her back on the couch, and a guy comes in from above to skullfuck her some more. We get more wonderful deep throating and some ball licking too. We then get a fantastic shot, Susanna's face is in the foreground, eye makeup running and saliva dripping off her cheeks, with the four cocks lined up in the background. She's on her stomach now. After some brief sucking, we get the now classic Cum for Cover position, all four guys lying down on their backs, side by side, erect cocks in the air, as Susanna takes each one in turn while on her knees. After some stroking and sucking, the guys are ready to blow their loads, and Susanna gets on her knees to accomodate them. The first stud blows an excellent creamy load that covers her right cheek, with a glob on her forehead too. The second guy also shoots a good sized load, with some running off her left cheek, and a couple of nice globs on her forehead. The third guy hits most of her face, particularly her two eyes with some wayward shots. She is a fine mess by this point. We get a great closeup of her messy face, with cum running from her eye, she looks sexy as hell. The last guy, after a bit of a pause, comes in and shoots a really thick white shot down her left cheek. Her mascara is all running by this point, which is so so sexy! Another closeup, and a wave goodbye, and the scene ends. Great stuff. Susanna deep throats with the best of them, and is sexy looking to boot. Excellent facial ending too. Rating: 9/10