Added October 2, 2007

The beautiful Simona sucks four cocks at once. She polishes them off one by one and then takes four loads all over her freshly fucked face.

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Simony Diamond is the most active model in the PerfectGonzo sites and she is the first position on the ranking. Well, after that you can expect an excellent movie but for me it is not. Simony is not as hot as she used to be and there are other things that I don't like: her tits are ugly, her make-up and haircut are bad, she keeps spitting all the time with no reason and she doesn't look happy at the end with all that cum on her face. Even though Simony puts some energy on the scene, I was very disappointed with this scenes.


How exciting, Simona Diamond getting blasted my multiple loads of sperm! She has black hair in this scene, and is wearing a white two-piece. She looks a bit different than the young girl we were first introduced to many years ago. Truthfully I don't think she'd look too out of place on MILFThing, but she is still sexy as hell. We get a nice tease of her walking up and down some stairs, showcasing her long legs and tight ass. She kneels down and a stud comes in to start fingering her mouth. She doesn't waste much time once he pulls out his cock. She goes right to work, with some excellent no-hands head. He then decides to introduce Simona to his 3 friends, who are standing nearby. She comes over on her knees and starts pleasing each of them one at a time. Simona is great at giving no-hands head, and produces lots of saliva which drools out of her mouth. The guys surround her and takes turns throat fucking her. She chokes a lot and has to stop to spit out her saliva quite often. Very hot! If you like gagging, this scene is right up your alley. The guys get into the CumforCover position and she crawls between each one, sucking one cock at a time. Her eyes are really watering by this point, which is always the sign of a good cocksucking scene. Next we have a treat for foot fixation fans. Simony is holding her feet behind her head with one hand, while a stud throatfucks her in the front. Great shots of her soles, and the gagging and spitting continue! She is spitting out lots here, and it seems like she's ready to tap out, but she keeps going like a real trooper! For the finish, the first guy pops a watery load all over her left cheek and lips. A good sized load, but not that great aesthetically, as it's too watery and clear! The second guy nails her right cheek and lips, though again it's a watery load. The third guy delivers a great shot, nailing the bridge of her nose, forehad and cheek with a somewhat thick load that really plasters Simona. The final stud shoots a very thick white load that drips down her forehead onto her right eye. Very hot! The director asks her to open her eyes, which she refuses quite adamantly, haha. Though after a bit of persuasion, she takes the cum off her right eye and opens both to say goodbye. Truthfully Simona didn't seem into this scene at all. She has definitely changed from her earlier days, though I do hope we can see more of her in the future, hopefully with a more inviting attitude! Rating: 7.5/10