Added April 21, 2007

Hot blonde Sarah poses in the sunshine on the patio and teases us with her hot tight body. Then she walks inside where a total of six rock hard cocks are waiting for her warm mouth and talented tongue to do their magic. This blowjob fest ends in a series of huge facial cumshots to decorate cute Sarah's face. Enjoy!

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Six guys Sarah you greedy little minx! I bet you'd have twelve or even a hundred if you could get them. Sarah has a mouth that it looks like butter wouldn't melt in, but we know better than that don't we? Sperm certainly melts in it. I love the way that the guys sperm thins out on her face after its been there for a while, and with six of them its been there for a while, and then it starts to drip off her little chin. Actually, I'd love to see Sarah actually eating some of that prime semen.:shock:


Sara is so sexy. She has a brilliant body and a pleasant face to look at. At first she is showing us her sexy body and teasing us. After treating the camera guy to a hand job the scene turns to her as she is inside where she takes off her panties and gets totally naked. At 10 minutes in some cocks come on for her and she starts sucking straight away. From now on it is dick sucking and lots of it. At about 24:26 the first drop of cum lands on her face with a nice big load. The 5 other guys cum on her and her face gets totally plastered. she looks so sweet covered in cum and smiling at the camera. We get a nice long view from different angles to admire her cum covered face and then it is over! 8/10


Sarah : 5/10 Sarah is just so hot, so hot!!! I could go on and on about how perfect Sarah is! Great clothing and pigtails! -The best hair style there is for young girls!!!!! Turns me on badly! But But the action here is a bit too lame for my taste. I must admit that I expected action much more in the Tamed Teens (-and deepthroatfrenzy) mould when I joined CumforCover. My problem is that many scenes like this one is really your old traditional blow job action. I expect to see Sarah get THROAT-FUCKED balls deep on her hands and knees or on her back ALL the time. I expect to see Sarah choke and gag with tears running down her face with her hands and face pinned down as huge hard cocks are drivefully shoved down her throat over and over! In other words TOTAL hard core face control ! Its just a shame because the girls are all great and the cocks are hard - but hey get on whit it! Also I really regret that the picture set's do not include the girls cum covered faces - thats ONE thing I do expect to see - and lots of them in SUPER high-rez! Any chance of that? Dmander


Sara is a gorgeous 24-year-old girl. She looks incredibly hot with her two piece outfit in the beginning of the scene in a sunny day. What a perfect body! The first minutes of the movies are probably the best opening of a movies I have seen for a while. She even strokes the director's cock and makes him cum very quit. Then she moves inside and starts to play with six hard cocks. She uses her hands and mouth with a lot of energy while looking very sexy into the camera. She does not deepthroat the cocks, but I don't care, her performance is unbelievable. And of course the final cumshot is probably the best ever seen on these sites. Six guys cum on her face and she doesn't move at all. Finally all the cum starts dripping down. 9.5/10 one of the best cumforcover scenes I have seen.


really a hot blow job chick very entertaining with her eyes very nice tease very coordinated very docile she is the type chick that could suck my cock quite a few times in a day .i could not help but beg this flick for a try at her g spot because she makes it look real tight sort of a horny paris hilton but she dosen't quite tease and or work the cock with her tongue when you cum.send her over to my house i'll eat a fruit basket and teach her how to tease a orgasm with her tongue.bonappetite.:D


Sarah is an absolutely gorgeous blonde pig-tailed vixen who is showing off her perfect body on a sunny day outside. She's wearing a barely there two piece outfit with sexy black army-like boots. She shows off her butt and then lets the lucky director play with her tits. The director really gets lucky this time, as Sarah grabs his crotch and eventually brings his cock out and starts stroking it. Great shots here of her stroking his dick, then panning up to her cute face bearing a seductive smile. She keeps stroking, and the director cums pretty quick. I would too, haha. You know she's hot if she can get you off with one hand a couple of sexy looks. The scene shifts indoors, and Sarah quickly removes her bottom to reveal her toned ass and shaved pussy. The top comes off too, and Sarah teases us by sucking on the director's finger for a while. She is then suddenly joined by SIX studs with hard cocks waiting to be sucked on. She assumes the position and starts off with the nearest two dicks, sucking on one and stroking another. She changes guys constantly, stroking and sucking non-stop, keeping good eye contact with the camera (very important for BJ flicks). The guys who aren't getting attention are in the picture, stroking off as they watch Sarah go to work. The guys all lie down next to one another and Sarah goes from one to the other, sucking and stroking, this girl seems to never tire! After a brief return to the original blowjob position, we get a top down view (ie: from the POV of the guy getting sucked off), as Sarah crawls from one cock to another on her knees, sucking each one in turn. Hot stuff. Next thing you know, we have a closeup of Sarah's cute face, begging to be spooged on. With six hard dicks, the tension builds for a great facial explosion. The first guy deposits a solid and thick load mostly on her left cheek, with a bit on the right side of her nose. Some of it missed and landed on her shoulder, but it's still a good start. The second guy blows a load of similar consistency (ie: white and gooey), with the big spurt completely covering Sarah's upper lip! The third guy then comes in and gets off a good TEN spurts on this honey's face! By now her face is a gooey mess, with some cum on her forehead and near her eyes as well. The fourth guy blows a thick load on her left cheek, messing it up even more, though some again falls down to her shoulder. The fifth guy blows a huge load all over her, nailing her left eye and forehead with thick spurts of jizz. Fantastic! The sixth and last guy for some reason aims for the lower part of her cheek, so it all goes tumbling down her body and off her face! Better luck next time buddy, haha. We then get a closeup of the gooey mess that is Sarah's face, just great stuff, the lighting is perfect and the high quality vid shows every drop of cum in all its glory. Sarah stands up and models her face off for the camera. Best facial I've seen on this site so far. Love it. 9/10