Added May 29, 2007

What a cutie. She is about to suck off five hard cocks. Renata takes them deeps and vacuums them off one by one before receiving a facial worth five big cumshots.

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Renata is such a gorgeous and happy girl! As I watched her taking a five-shot facial, I somehow felt like the world was going to be alright. Seeing this beautiful, smiling face all covered with cum was as strong a drive as gravity or a rising sun. Sure, it's a little overly dramatic but so are the final images in this video. Check out the genuine cum-covered smiles at the end of this video. They'll just make you feel good! Hmmm.... .feel-good porn, what a concept! :D


Renata is a gorgeous raven-haired cutie, wearing a two piece black outfit with sexy platform heeled shoes. She gives a quickie interview, saying she loves to suck cock, and that the first guy she ever gave a blowjob to came in her mouth! What a lucky guy. The clothes come off, and she lies back and starts rubbing her pussy. After a few minutes, she is standing, naked except for her high heels, and tells the director she's ready to begin. She gets on her knees and crawls over on the floor to our five horny studs all lying side by side. She does each of them in turn, stroking and sucking, and we get some wonderful POV shots thrown in. It's especially hot to see the girl suck on one cock while stroking another one with her free hand. The guys get up and gather around this horny teen slut, as she pleasures them two at a time. She really deep throats two of the guys good, and spits a lot on his dick. Very hot stuff. This girl is an expert cocksucker. It's fun to see her jam two cocks in her mouth, she must really enjoy what she does. The scene continues, as the guys each get their turn to get sucked, stroked and deep throated. The guys then get in position, side by side, standing, as Renata is on her knees (with her shoes off now), sucking each one in turn. There's a nice shot here of Renata doing some ball licking/sucking. Also, for foot fixation fans, nice full body shot from behind where we see Renata's soles as she shifts from guy to guy. For the finale, we first see Renata's cute face up close, and the director tells her the first guy is coming. The first guy blows a really creamy load mostly on the left cheek, with some splatter going on her right eye. Nice load. The next guy blows a huge load, but sadly the first main spurt goes flying off into the distance! However, he lays some nice gobs right on her forehead and left cheek. Very well done. The third guy shoots a rather weak load, with some landing on her already gooey left cheek. The fourth guy also blows a smaller load, but gets a nice shot in on Renata's teen lips. The fifth guy also has one of his spurts fly over Renata's head, but gets a couple of shots in on her chin and left cheek. She is glazed over by this point, her face is a shiny mess! She stands up, smiles and laughs, and waves goodbye. I really love this girl! Excellent cocksucking here, and a good facial that could have been great had the guys been on their A-game. Very good scene. Rating: 8.5/10


Renata, what a beauty :O!! I love her black hair and her oral skills. Renata's face is so pretty! There aren't words to descirbe how hot she looks while the cocks are spewing thick, sticky white goo all over her face.:wink: Renata takes a facial very well, so erotic! :D Please bring her back again sometime in the future!