Regina M

Added May 6, 2008

The beautiful Regina is the perfect addition to the roster. She orally pleasures five guys and takes for loads on her face.

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Regina Moon


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Fabulous young Hungarian girl who take the sperm like a glutton. She lets it annoint her lips and doesn't flinch at all. Perfect little cunt too which she masturbates willingly. I love it when she slaps at her pussy and makes the lips swell up with excitement. This girl really looks great with a cock in her mouth!


The 21-yearold babe has long, black hair with a nice body and face. Regina is presented four healthy swordsmen to work her magic on. She starts with one of the three guys standing. From there she moves onto the only man seated. He is seated on a chair painted in gold. The loyal servant girl works on the king’s scepter. Regina pays special attention to his royal balls. She next sucks one of the men standing as she strokes the king’s regal rod. Regina proceeds onto the next man. This raven-haired beauty loves stroking and sucking cock. The four of them surround her. The devoted commoner makes sure the king and his court are happy. Regina is picked up and laid on her back on the throne with her legs over the back and her head hanging over the front edge of the black cushion. Her long black hair sweeps across the tiled floor. The first stud begins mouth-fucking her as she looks up at the camera from below him. One by one they take their turn. I like the fourth guy. Instead of straddling her face with his back to the camera he straddles Regina show she can gaze up at him and the camera. She looks magnificent slurping on his balls and sucking his dick. They lift her up and sit her down the throne normally. Regina’s mouth and hands go back to work on their noble clubs. Seated in the gold adorned chair; she shows she is the queen of cocksucking. I wonder if in the day of King Arthur if many wenches loved sucking dick as much as this whore. It is awesome when one of the guys stands on the arms of the chair and slams his dick straight down into Regina’s mouth. Following his lead another guy does the same while her hands keep two other cocks stiff. The other two follow suit as well. The guys pound their dicks into Regina’s mouth. She never blinks. It is obvious that she has been practicing on a lot of cocks to get ready for her royal performance. Regina kneels in front of the throne. She awaits her coronation as the newest “Cum For Cover” whore. From the right the first knight bangs her cheek and chin with his regal jizz. The second knight matches his efforts from the left side. The third knight jettisons his modest load onto her forehead and hair. The last royal also cums on her forehead and hair. Regina does a very nice job, but I think they missed a chance to use long hair. It would have been great to see them pull it more and maybe even wrap it around her face after the glazing