Added April 15, 2008

Nora takes on five hard dicks. She deepthroats each and every one of them. Her face gets totally covered with five loads of cum.

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This girl is cute until she gets showered with jizz. Then she's GORGEOUS. She's so hot covered in cum. Probably the hottest one on here aside from Cony F. :D I like most of the girls on this site, but the headshots for the previews usually don't do the girl justice. This girl, a.k.a. lolly blond, is such a sexy bitch though.


Short Version: Nora, a cute, short-haired young blonde wearing a red, white and blue bikini, takes on five guys for a facial cum bath. Highlight: Well, this is CumForCover. Obviously the facial is the thing. Nora also has some fun getting these guys off. I enjoy her smiles at about 30 minutes into the video as she’s sucking on three of the five cocks. The Messy Details: Five cumshots! No. 1 is a creamy gusher, covering almost all of the right side of her face, from her perspective of course. (High five!) No. 2 is a weak, runny one that is hardly visible. (Nice try, dude.) No. 3 almost shoots up her nose, providing a second coating on her right face. No. 4 tries to shoot right over her to reach her mainly bare left face but fails. No. 5 shoots some thick goo on her left face. Overall, a pretty complete facial. Drawbacks: Being a CumForCover video, this is kind of focused on the facial. I wish once in awhile one of these girls would get so into it that she’d want some real fucking. Random Thoughts: Nora is not a stunning beauty but is very cute, particularly when she smiles. Wish she’d have smiled a little more at the end. Several shots of cum were literally dripping from her face. Also, she can blow bubbles with cum. Check the final scene and you’ll see.:D


Dressed in a two-piece USA bikini we meet Nora. The 20-year-old blonde is ready to show us that she has the mouth and face to be a cum-target. After about ten minutes of teasing the camera Nora lies on the sofa with her head over the edge. A stud quickly straddles her head and starts fucking the little bitch’s mouth. Soon the rest of the guys join the party. All five of them attack her inverted head. Nora looks back overhead into the camera several times. Spittle builds up on her mouth and face. The cunt gets on her knees on the floor as the pack surrounds her. Nora understands he is there for one thing, to be a nasty little whore. Apply leverage to the back of her head they drive feed her dick. It is a killer when Nora leans back against the sofa, and a bastard straddles her face as he stands on the cushions. He plows away at her mouth. Cocks fly at her face from all angles. Nora is whorehouse material. Nora sucks one of the studs in a 69 positions as he reclines on the sofa. Her eyes lock on the camera as she deepthroats her prey. Dicks come at her from her left and right as well. Nora is a cocksucking machine. Our talented cunt is able to work two heads at the same time. They power fuck her mouth so hard I am surprised we don’t see their dick-missiles popping out of the back of her head. The boys lie down on the floor. Starting on the left our intrepid cunt works her way down the buffet of cock. Her eyes never forget where the camera is. There is nothing better then watching one of the studs using both hands to shove her face down over their dick. The guys stand up. They form a semi-circle around Nora as squats on the floor. There is no hint of classy in her. Nora is the perfect example of a dick-starved whore. She is definitely the poster girl for face-fucking. She told us at the beginning at she had been sucking dick since fourteen. You can tell that she perfected her skill over the last six years. The boys saddle up to the bar one at a time to give Nora her well-deserved facial trophy. The first man gets us off to an excellent start. He shoots a generous dose of goo onto her right cheek and forehead. He even laces some over her nose and upper lip. From the left the next stud sprinkles his watery jizz onto her cheek. Dick number three sprays a good load onto her right cheek and mouth. Some evens squirts into her nostril which she expels with a small air blast. The next man dribbles his jizz onto her face. Some even falls into her left eye, causing her to blink several times. The last stud fires more ball-goo onto her forehead and left cheek. If you are looking for a super hot babe, Nora is not it. She is a nice girl to look at, but what makes her special is her attitude. Nora is 100%, cum-swallowing, dick-sucking, cock-gagging whore!