Added December 25, 2007

Lulu is the perfect Christmas gift for four horny guys! She deepthroats each cock till the guys can't take it anymore. All four guys cum on her face at the same time!

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Gabe - Perfectgonzo

So glad you liked this :)


One of a kind ending for this Cum for Cover movie. At the end of the movie we see Lulu surrounded by 4 cocks, getting stroked by their owners. I though they were going to cum one by one, but it was a nice surprise to see that they unloaded their hot loads of sperm at the same time. It was really sexy to hear all the guys moaning at the same time, as the semen was being milked from their balls, and covering Lulu's face.


This might be one of the greatest cumshots I have ever seen!!! All four massive cocks sling thier hot loads all over her face at the same exact time. This beautiful little slut defines the term "Whore". She has this great little smile when all that hot jizz is slung all over her pretty little face. Enjoy!!


Oh, Oh, Oh!! Lulu gets her reward here well and truly. This fabulous little bitch gets four loads right across her face from all four points of the compass as she throws her head back and offers her pretty face in supplication. The four guys have perfect control and sychronise their orgasms perfectly. No waiting here, Lulu gets all four showers of premium grade high quality sperm all in one go. Well done guys! Fabulous figure Lulu!


The word 'beautiful' is much overused but this is the only word that adequately describes Lulu. Her face is gorgeous and she has the nicest legs I have seen in porn for a long time. Her oral technique is great and she sucks away on the group of cocks with sluttish abandon. Before long she takes some frenetic throat fucking from the guys, the scenes where she is lying down are particularly good. Lulu really takes it in the throat better than 99% of porn girls. The facial at the end is a particular treat as Lulu takes 4 loads of cum on her exquisite face at the same time. Please get her for more scenes! :D


While CumForCover is not my favorite of the PerfectGonzo video lines, this video is a real treat, primarily the finale in which all four guys shoot their loads all over her pretty face simultaneously. Though she seems a little shocked at the sheer volume of the cum, a slight smile creeps upon her face. She's an energetic performer throughout the video and a good sport in taking the giant facial.


What a christmas present. Starts off with two of the guys standing over a big sack, which they take up too the two other guys for the present. They carry her in the sack upstairs and take her to the guys, who luckily are stood with their cocks out ready for the bitch to suck. The first 5 minutes of the video are pretty funny, with the guys talking about her and to themselves. She is in the bag sucking on a dildo already, warming up her mouth. Throughout the whole movie she sucks those dicks and doesn't stop. Deep throating each of the guys in turn. HIGHLIGHTS: At around 6:01 they lay her down on a chair thing, and throat fuck her pretty fast. At 17:58 they put some highheels on her so she can grab them to get her arms out of they way whilst they fuck her mouth. 18:24 a peeled banana sneeks onto the scene which one of the guys puts in her mouth for her to suck, she deep throats it and then he takes a bite. 26:56 is when the first bit of cum falls onto her face. All 4 guys cum on her face at once which makes this video a special chrismtas treat. About 2 big loads and 2 smallish loads on her face, and some in her hair. We get to admire her beautiful face covered in cum for about 30 seconds at the end and she looks so hot. She then says bye and walks downstairs with the cum all over her face. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Conclusion: A very sexy video, with a very sexy girl. Lots of throat fucking, nice cumshot at the end and is a good laugh for a christmas treat. Worth downloading. 8/10