Added July 3, 2007

The big titted Lucy is ready to suck four cocks and take those loads all over her face. She sucks away and then gets four counts of cum all over her.

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Lucy Love


Art & Addons piercing Body Type curvy Breasts floppy large Butt bubble butt Clothes fishnet high heels lingerie Cumshot facial - bukkake Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue Face Type average Fetish eye contact tittie play Hair long - straight Hair color blonde Location outdoors street Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia meat curtains medium Sex blowjob - multiple deep throat Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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I feel like only this kind of series [Cum for Cover] you can see Lucy what she is capable of doing. I love to see her doing this kind of scenes because she is a stunning blonde that knows how to manage the complete situation. Her enormous and beautiful tits are always moving and bouncing in a very sexy way that adds extra raciness to the scene. Her well known oral skills killed completely all the male performers, she is fantastic. You just can't stop looking at her deep gaze with her beautiful eyes while she is getting her face all creamed. Just, a perfect scene. [-Ramon]


First impression of Lucy is thet she's a little plump and doesn't have the prettiest face in the world but good god what a rack. To see those girls straining against her white mesh dress you can forgive her everything else. All natural - you could kiss those all night and never touch the same place twice.What I find sexy about her is the fact that you see girls like her every weekend in the clubs and know you would have a chance there unlike some who just seem so unattainable. After an inital self fondling she lets them loose and I for one was desperate to see them in all their glory by that time. I wasn't disappointed. She slides down her pants to show us a lovely shaved pussy which the camera guy wastes no time in sliding in a finger. She is obviously ejoying that and he shows us just how wet she is by a close up of his fingers. She then starts to play with her pussy herself and her face is a picture of pleasure as she brings herself close to orgasm. Unexpetedly she pulls up the pants and covers up those monsters, walking away. She walks over to 4 guys and one by one gives them individually a taste of whats to come. Or maybe that should be the other way Slightly differing techniques on all four - Lucy knows her stuff. She is instructed to sit on the gound and legs wide open gives the 4 guys a show as she masterbates for them. Highly erotic. They all descend on her and she shows that she can take a cok deep in her throat. I loved watching her tits shake as she gave the lads all she has. Great camera angles bring each bj to life. It all culmanates in the expected face blasting and it was obvious she enjoyed it all. Loved the girl. She could have easily handled twice the guysa there. 9/10 Benjiboy


Lucy is a voloputuous young woman who we first see walking outside in a white mesh dress. She knows her tits are knockouts, so she spends a lot of time playing with them before dropping her dress to expose these gigantic miracles of nature. She drops down her panties, and she starts to rub her clit while massaging her boobs. Things are getting hot, when all of a sudden she pulls her panties and dress back up, and walks away! What could she be looking for? She walks around the outside of the house, when she finds an erect stud sitting on top of some sort of gas machine. She doesn't have to say anything, she just starts sucking his dick. She gives him modest deep throat, then walks over where another hard cock is waiting between two cars. She crouches down to give him oral pleasure too. She walks over to the guy between the next cars, and then yet another stud, making eye contact with each of them before grabbing their rods to suck. Aftwards, she walks to the middle of the area, sits down and spreads her legs! The guys waste no time in gathering around for a group blow job. Lucy does a great job here, giving some awesome no-hands head, while stroking off another big dick. The guys then get into the classic CumforCover position, all laying down on their backs, side to side, dicks in the air. Lucy gets on her knees and pleases each one in turn, and we get some great POV shots in here. The guys gather around and she strokes and sucks with glee before getting ready for her facial. The first guy blows a thick, white load, with a streak nailing the top of Lucy's right forehead and eyelid. The next guy gets right near her face and blows a good load that covers her right cheek, and nails the bridge of her nose and left eye! The third guy shoots awesome, white thick globs of cum that paint Lucy's forehead. The fourth and last guy also shoots thick, white cum, mostly onto her lower right cheek, although some of it runs off. Lucy stands up, and her face is a gooey mess. One great part is some of the cum strings off from her cheek onto her upper chest, and she walks around, showing off her freshly painted mug. Great eye contact with the camera again, she is really sexy. Good, very good scene. Good blowjobs, and good facial. Rating: 8.5/10