Added April 1, 2008

Lisa Sparkle plus five horny guys equals one hell of a suckfest. She polishes each cock going deep deep deep. Five cumshots cover her face perfectly.

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Lisa Sparkle


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We have 26-year-old Lisa Sparkle as our newest inductee into the “Cum for Cover” ring of honor. The brunette bitch is given five strappy dicks to work with. They surround her as she is sitting. She eagerly goes to work on them with her mouth and hands. This full-bodied babe loves the taste of beef. They have her take a seat on the cold tile floor. Hands start clutching her head as they face fuck the cunt. Dicks fly at her from all angles. Lisa leans back against the seat. One by one the guys climb onto the seat to straddle her face and fuck her willing mouth. It is awesome when a warrior grabs her head, and rams his dick so far down her throat you can hear her gag slightly. Lisa takes a seat back on the love seat. The boys continue their face-ramming treatment. You can tell Lisa has sharpened her cocksucking skills over the dozen years since she started sucking dick at fourteen. They have her twist around onto her back so her head is dangling over the front edge of the seat. The onslaught of face fucking never stops. She proudly looks up at the camera as her mouth is pummeled. The guys lay in a row on the floor. In the 69-position Lisa recommences her oral work. The bitch slows works her way down the row of cocks. Her eyes peer into the camera often as she inhales their shafts. The guys take seats on and around the small sofa. The dick-starved whore can’t wait to gulp down their stiff cocks. We get a great shot of her bouncy tits as she sucks away. Once more she kneels on the floor as the five swarm around her. The hungry slut madly grabs at their dicks. Her mouth feverishly works them over. Lisa is a spunky cunt. The boys are not bashful about clutching her head as they slam her face. It is time for the guys to thank Lisa for her hard work. The first stud squirts his watery load onto her nose tip, lips, and some on her forehead. The second man drizzles his thick, white paste onto her nose, corner of left eye, and forehead. I like how Lisa says “Yes” as she enjoys his dose. The third shoots several good streams onto her left cheek, mouth, and up the ridge of her nose to her forehead. He also fires a few smaller ones across her bow onto her nose. Jizz jets shot onto her nose and into her left eye from the fourth man. He also adds some to the growing tally on her forehead with some of that dripping into her right eye. The last bastard shoots thick loads onto her nose and cheek. Lisa drives some of the cum out of her mouth which forms a frosty cover on her bottom lip. Her smiling eyes and face they are done makes this a grade A plastering. Like I said before Lisa is spunky with a lively spirit. It is very apparent that she loves to suck dick and take group facials. A wonderful scene.