Added July 17, 2007

Linda deepthroats four guys before getting the Cumforcover facial treatment. She sucks and sucks until she gets four loads launched on her face.

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Art & Addons tattoo Body Type athletic Breasts small Butt average Clothes costume high heels lingerie skirt Cumshot facial - bukkake Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type next-door Fetish eye contact tittie play Hair braids Hair color brown Location outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia meat curtains Sex blowjob - multiple deep throat throat fucking Skin tone light Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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I really, really, really, like Linda. I don't know what it is exactly, but she just "does it" for me. She has a sexy little body, and that hot eastern european look on her face, plus she just looks kinda stupid, lol. She comes out wearing a very sexy black and white plaid skirt and a tight white tank top. Linda does the usual strip tease, showing us her sexy, fuckable body. Alas, there is no fucking here, only lots and lots of deep throating. Linda appears to not be able to deep throat very well either, which is a shame, because the guys could have really gotten her to gag up a lot of spit. However the boys seemed to back-off when Linda would start to gag on their dicks. Instead they should have pounded her throat hard and made her spit up all over her tits. Alas, we don't get to see this. However, Linda is so sexy that she looks good simply blowing the guys for 25 minutes. The big finale occures and each cock blows their load onto Linda's sexy little face. They give her a pretty good covering here and afterwards linda walks around and poses with her cum covered face. This I liked, because too often the cumforcover videos end right after the guys shoot their loads. But here we have linda walking around and posing for a few minutes. All in all, I give this video an 8/10. Had Linda been given rougher throat-gagging treatment and received a few more shots of sperm to her face it would have been a 10 for sure.


Linda is wearing a nice schoolgirl skirt, tight white top and slip on white heels, as we are introduced to her CumforCover scene. We get some great tease shots here, as usualy, following Linda around the property, and nice views of her legs and tummy (very sexy). She pulls up her top to show off cute, natural tits with erect nipples. As she walks into a field, her top comes off, and she takes off her skirt and panties, revealing a nicely shaved pussy. She walks over to a nearby fence where four studs are waiting with their rock hard cocks. They put their cocks through holes in the fence, and Linda bends down to suck them. This is a creative way to start a scene, and the director gives us some good shots both from behind and from the side. At times Linda takes her hand away to let a guy fuck her throat as his pelvis pounds into the fence. Linda goes into the middle of the field and sits down, and it isn't long before the four guys circle around her to take turns shoving their cocks down her throat. Some of the dudes really go to town on her, getting their dicks all the way down, and at one point she gags and has to ask for a moment before resuming. One guy stops throatfucking for a second to spit on her face! Great stuff. The guys then get into the CumforCover position, and Linda goes to each guy in turn, as they're lying on their backs. They grab her by the back of the head and thrust her face forward into their erect dicks. There is some great deepthroat action here, Linda isn't the most comfortable doing it, but she CAN do it! At one point she gets into a near 69 position as the guys play with her pussy while they throatfuck her, very hot. As we enter the facial finale, Linda is looking up at the camera, tongue licking her lips, eyes ready to receive her loads, shoes off to the side. The first guy gets off eight spurts of watery cum which nail both of her eyes! She definitely didn't like that, and is in discomfort. The second guy gets off one powerful blast that NAILS her right eye! She is wincing at this, and it's hot to watch! The third guy gets off a good load that hits her square in the face and in her left eye. Again, she is blinking like there's no tomorrow! The fourth guy shoots the best load of the bunch, hitting her nose, cheek and right eye with thick, white goo. She stands up to show off her face, which is a sexy, gooey mess. Excellent facial! This was a good scene, deepthroating galore and a great facial shot. Can't ask for much more in a CumforCover scene. Rating: 9/10