Added April 29, 2008

Kate is an ultra cute teen ready to get her face covered with lots and lots of sperm! She polishes all cocks and gets facialized by five cumshots.

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By the way, don't forget to check the HD Photo Set, it's great. For all the Blowbang Fans (As me), you will enjoy this Photo Set, as you will see Kate sucking a cock while surrounded by others waiting for their turn. It's kinda sad we don't get the HD Photos of Kate covered in sperm, but still, you get the basics: A pretty girl, and 5 fully erected, big dicks.


Another great scene from Cum for Cover. Our target is Kate, and the shooters are 5 nice and big dicks. First deposit: Most of the semen covers the left side of Kate's face, but I like how some it lands on her eyelid, making contrast with her eyeshadow, and the whiteness of the warm liquid. Second deposit: Coming from the left, powerful streams of cum that cover her right cheek, and part of her forehead. Third deposit: From the left again, most of the cum lands where there was cum already, so not a lot of progress here, besides..Many of the cumshots missed Kate's face. Fourth deposit: A poor amount of cum is dropped on the right side of her face. Fifth deposit: A beautiful load of white cream covers her forehead. Best Cumshot Award: It goes to the 5th deposit.


Tall, slender Kate is ready for her protein bath. The 22-year-old has smallish breasts, blonde hair, a beautiful face, and perfect cocksucker lips. Kate could be a fashion model, but instead she is a dick-loving, cum-craving whore. The pack of ready studs surrounds her. With black, vinyl gloves on, Kate sits down on the edge of the cocuch. She starts sucking dick while her glove-clad hands stroke cocks waiting their turn. She works on her four yummy treats. Her blonde hair tied in a ponytail makes a great handle for the guys. Her eyes are out of this world as she glances up at the lens. The guys love mouth-fucking her. The guys reposition Kate on her back on the couch with her head dangling over the edge. The mouth-fucking continues as they straddle her face, ramming home the sausage. Her hands stroke more beef. One buy one each guy takes his turn. Some spit trails back across her face. They even feed her dick from the side. Kate gets on her knees on the couch as the dick-feeding frenzy continues. Kate sits up and lets them also face fuck her hard as they stand before on the couch. She also does some 69 to suck her favorite meat. Kate looks magnificent as well when she lies on the arm of the couch as they pound her mouth. This bitch should be on the runway showing off the latest fashions, but instead she is showing off her ability to suck dick. Kate’s beauty really shines through when a bounty of cocks surrounds her face, only inches away. She has the perfect blend of model-quality beauty and major-league porn slut enthusiasm. The ultimate culmination is seeing the beauty plastered. Like a good girl she waits on her knees. From the left the first guy creams her cheek, splatters her lips, and leaves a nice patch on her left eye. The second man explodes from her right smashing jizz onto her cheek and forehead. Also from the right the third spurts several good shots, but unfortunately some of it sails off to the floor. The fourth bastard drizzles his modest load onto her left cheek and forehead. The final donation from the fifth guys is a thick, white glob squeezed out onto the center of her forehead. Thank you very much for bringing us Kate. It is fantastic to see a hot lady turned into a jizz-coated whore!


Short Version: Kate, a somewhat pretty, skinny reddish-blonde, takes on five guys the CumForCover way. Highlight: While the facial is the climax of the video (literally), Kate even lets the guys play with her pussy and engage her in a little 69. Shocking behavior by a model since I’m pretty sure the acting contract only calls for blowjobs with facials! The Messy Details: Five cumshots, as advertised. No. 1 is a creamy shot that plasters the left side of her face including her chin, nose and eye. Wow! No. 2 is a high-powered gusher that covers most of the right side of her face including part of her forehead. After a delayed firing No. 3 covers the lower half of her face with a second coating. While aiming for her still mostly uncovered forehead, No. 4 shoots mostly a dud, barely trickling along her left eye. No. 5 shoots a very thick but fairly small glob of whitish cum onto the center of her forehead. Put them together and you get a pretty decent facial. Drawbacks: Kate doesn’t show much pleasure over being facialized. Too bad. Maybe you guys who dig TamedTeens might like her somewhat abused look at the end. Random Thoughts: Why does one of the guys have a tattoo of Tweety Bird on his abdomen?