Jessica M

Added September 25, 2007

The incredibly busty Jessica takes on four guys in a face fucking fest. She deepthroats each one of the dicks and then getst that pretty face covered in four loads of cum.

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Jessica Moor


Art & Addons piercing tattoo Breasts large round Butt thick Clothes costume high heels Cumshot facial - bukkake Ethnicity caucasian Eyes grey Face Type average Fetish eye contact tittie play Hair long - straight Hair color blonde Location bathtub Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia medium Sex blowjob - multiple deep throat Skin tone light Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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the best is when she is sperm covered sucking his balls


Jessica Moore - Jessica is one of my favorite actresses of the decade. She is busty, beautiful and is open to just about anything. I don't know which is better, her sucking a room full of cocks or the way her tits bounce when she deep throats. As a finale, she takes all the loads, but gets into them. This is much better than the hostage video cumshots that usually end a Cum for Cover video. A keeper! - Civlor


This is a great CumForCover video, with an awsome chick, Jessica M. Jessica is a sexy blond who appears on camera in tight black panties, a tight black top, and some sexy black high heels. She is rubbing her pussy and looks really dirty and sexy. Jessica then starts playing with her tits, which are AMAZING! This girl has a really nice pair of huge knockers on her. Then we get to see a little bit of her ass, which is also to die for. Jessica takes her top off, and proceedes to crawl on all fours towards the camera. At this point you can tell that she is one dirty slut, very sexy. She gets totally naked after crawling down the stairs and plays with the camera man for a little bit. After teasing us for a bit, one guy comes out and starts playing with Jessica putting his fingers in her mouth and spitting in her mouth, getting her warmed up I guess. He is teasing her with his cock, before we finnally get to see her start sucking. Jessica is liying face up on a couch deep-throating cock, when after a few minutes four more guys come out and surround Jessica with their hard-cocks. This is when Jessica really starts to get worked, deep-throating cocks left and right. Man she looks hot! Her mascara is starting to run and smear a little bit from the rough cock sucking, definetly sexy. After gang-blowing all the cocks in a circle, the guys proceed to lie down on the ground one after another, while Jessica blows them one by one. There is some interesting work here, with one of the guys putting his feet up on her head while she blows him. After she blows the last guy in line, the scene swicthes to Jessica on her knees getting reasy for A LOT of cum This is where the video get good. You can tell from Jessica's face that she is really into it and really wants that cum. One by one the guys unleash their loads on her sexy face. There is a ton of cum on her face and a lot of cum dripped down all over her big, juicy tits. Jessica definetly look very sexy all covered in sperm, good stuff. The one bad part about this video, was that one of the male actors couldn't cum on Jessica at first. It took him a few minutes, but finally he blew his load into Jessica;s mouth. This was very hot to see because her face was already covered in sperm. Jessica really seemed to enjoy the cum and was really into the whole thing which was great. A + movie.