Added May 22, 2007

Jane is a 24 year old blonde babe that can't imagine anything more erotic than sucking off a bunch of guys one after another. Believe it or not she gets off doing that, you should see how she's rubbing her pussy while she's blowing these guys off, this actually makes her wet and horny! Anyways, these five studs finally exploded all over Jane's pretty face and we see all the cum running down slowly. Enjoy!

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Caroline De Jaie


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Jane is a nice looking girl with some above-average tits. Those tits kept me entertained during the long intro to her. She sucks cock assembly-line style for quite a while and does not get into the middle of the action until towards the end of the video. Even then she works them over one at a time. At this point I would say this video is just average. However, she really gets into the cumshots and continues sucking most of them until they blow. It saved the video. Well done. A keeper! - Civlor


SUMMARY: This is a fairly average CumforCover scene. It is nice to see more than the usual amount of masturbation on the girl's part while she sucks the cocks, but the sucking itself is pretty much par for the CumForCover course in terms of interest and variety. The ending is great as usual, and Jane is a pretty girl, worth watching. I'm not doing cartwheels over the effort, but for satisfying a blow-bang fix, you could do worse. DETAILS: Jane is a cute blonde with a pretty body and an impressive pair of tits with nipples that poke out like beacons. Her heels are also rather interesting, looking as if their flanged, bubbles were made from a pair of dildos meant to be stuffed up her ass. Alas, I'm sure we won't be seeing that today. She does spend some nice time with the director though, crawling along the grass, showing off her tits, and fingering her little pussy. By the time she finds the usual line of guys lying on the floor waiting for her mouth to service them, she's as naked as a jaybird. She spends some time crawling between them and then ends up on a chair, playing with herself while each guy gets his cock sucked in turn. The lineup shifts again and it's the same ol' cocksucking merrigoround we usually see. Not bad, mind you, just the same. The finish is great as usual, and a good amount of time is spent seeing the gooey aftermath of Jane's efforts. MLyons