Gabriella M

Added January 29, 2008

Gabriella prepares herself for the cocks with a big dildo in her mouth. She sucks off four guys blindfolded and then gets her face covered in cum.

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Gabriella Mai


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Gabriella is quite something special. She takes a whole hand up her sweet pussy, up to the wrist and loves it! Then there is a great lingering look at her pretty face after she has had three loads deposited on it and a further scan down her body for another good look at her cunt, gaping now with puffy swollen lips after her sex. Her position on the chair is great too, reclining makes a change from girls on their knees. Lastly the fourth guy drops his contribution and Gabriella shamelessly stands to display her pretty face for us before walking off which gives us a great chance to study her lovely figure.


We are introduced to Gabriella. She has a pink, plastic cock in her mouth with a black strap around her head holding it in place. After a minute or so, Gabriella pulls the fake dick out of her mouth. The tall, small-breasted slut informs the audience that she is 21. Gabriella shows the camera her cocksucking talent by practicing on a large dildo. She also removes her top to show her small tits. Gabriella slides her black shorts off, leaving her stockings on. After some more practice with the phony prick, the cameraman puts out a shout for the first dick. Instead of plastic, Gabriella goes to work on a real, flesh cock. He immediately grabs her head with both hands to start the mouth fucking. Dick number two pops in, and replaces the first. With his right hand he uses her hair like a handle. The third cock steps up to the plate. She works on it while still stroking the second one. Gabriella is a good sword swallower, she loves her work. The fourth man enters. He makes sure she lavishes attention onto his dick as well. The guys form a semi-circle. They want to make sure she can switch easily from cock to cock. Gabriella is not a drop-dead gorgeous model, but she is a perfect foil for our nasty quartet. They invert Gabriella on the lounger so they can effortlessly fuck her face as though it was her pussy. During the mouth fucking one of the men covers her eyes with a blindfold. One can only imagine what the blind bitch is thinking as dick after dick plunge pass her lips. They lay Gabriella on her stomach on three barstools lined up in a row. With her blindfold still in place they resume their skull fucking of the easy slut. One by one the four treat her to some driveful mouth pounding. A couple even work their dicks into her mouth in unison. They remove her blindfold so she can see the beef is devouring. One of the guys stroke the dildo in and out of her cunt while she munches away on the other end. Gabriella takes a seat on the floor. Her face is straddled, and a cock pushes back into her mouth. With her right hand Gabriella uses the dildo on herself. The nasty whore loves trying all four of their delicious dicks. She does not mind having her mouth turned into a second pussy. After a bit she comes to her knees as the boys circle her. Gabriella’s head turn left, then right, then left, and so on as she switches between the four stiff man sausages. With back of her head resting against the edge of a chair stud number moves in from the right. One of his shots soars over Gabriella’s head, but a good portion of his gooey gift finds its mark on her nose, right cheek, and mouth. From the left the second fella discharges his cock. About 40% of it misses her face, but fortunately the majority still lands on target. The third man bestrides the chair with his cock hanging over her from above. He squeezes some good, thick, white jizz onto her forehead and between her eyebrows. The fourth man is quite ready. He has to work his cock for a few minutes to prep his load. It is worth the wait. He drops a big, thick dollop just to the left of her nose. He also oozes a nice string over her nose and about four good beads on her right cheek. The first two studs were somewhat watery, and missed the mark a bit. The last two really delivered in the clutch with thick loads and none lost. Gabriella at best is a 5 on the Cum-For-Cover beauty scale. However, like in real life, all women look better after a facial or two, and four and really happy.