Added September 18, 2007

An incredible brunette polishes off four hard dicks. Each guys takes his turn to dump a thick load of cum on her face forming a cover of cum.

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Eva Mendez


Art & Addons piercing Body Type skinny Breasts small Butt average Clothes dress high heels lingerie Cumshot facial - bukkake Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type slutty Fetish eye contact tittie play Furniture chair Hair long - straight Hair color brown Location outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia big clit medium Sex blowjob - single deep throat throat fucking Skin tone light Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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If the POV scene with Eva was incredible this blowbang and bukkake with her with live anyone without words. Eva was not only a sexy, beautiful and appealing model, she also performs doing extreme sex scenes like this one. Without losing her natural charm, Eva first takes all those dicks and suck them like she only knows, nevertheless I will rather prefer to see her doing that instead the guys humping her face. But even with that this has to be one of my favorite movies from her. And lets no forget how she plays with all the cum at the end. Eva strong, naughty and sensual ends the scene with her alluring smile. [-Ramon VM]


Eva is much hotter than the actress she is named after. She is gorgeous. Know that, one might expect a weak performance. One would be wrong. She handles four cocks well. The tempo is slower than other CFC videos, but she is just stunning to watch while she works. She sucks and throats with the sluttiest of them, but remains composed and beautiful throughout. She takes each load as a part-facial, part-oral, messy, wonderful mix. A keeper, and perhaps a hall of famer! - Civlor


After a brief period of rest and relaxation, this reviewer stands ready to take on what is believed to be the most difficult type of movie to review: the CumforCover video, this reviewer's first. Having only seen trailers but never a full feature, the reviewer boldly pledges to share his gentle opinion about the nature of this genre of porn and its impact on the viewer. The selected topic of this review is the lovely Eva, a slim, extremely beautiful young lady with the face of an angel. This feminine fatale has the physical appearance to star in most any type of pornography. The question I enter the review with is how she will perform with a face covered with cum! Further, I seek to share my own reaction with the reader: how will the reviewer react to seeing this lovely lass being splooged upon by a small gang of cum-engorged faceless cocksters. With these questions in mind, I click on the "play" button, thus commencing this review. The reviewer's first reaction is how incredibly lovely Eva looks, posing solo in classy black attire. Her fine dark brown hair frames an almost innocent appearing face. Her skin has a healthy glow about it. Her fine ass is so well-proportioned as she cups her ass cheeks with her hands, raising her short black skirt for the viewer. As she removes her dress, she exposes small perky breasts with nicely pointed small nipples, also a healthy pink color. And as she slides her mesh black panties to the side showing off her cleanly shaved pussy, her physical presence seems to grow stronger. As she plays with her pussy, the video has the classy quality of a GiveMePink video. Now for the drastic change: instead of Eva reaching for a vibabeor or cucumber to pleasure herself, in walk four well-hung guys, yanking on their dicks as they arrange themselves around her. She alternates taking their cocks into her mouth, sucking intently. Hmmm....she doesn't look so innocent anymore! Being appreciative of fine porn, I'm enjoying the closeup of her beautiful mouth sucking on the current cock. She has such a pretty face that it still looks gorgeous blowing on the skin flute. But I'm a little distracted by the other three guys standing in the background trying to stay hard as they wait their turns. Now I'm wondering if I could stay hard with a bunch of other guys and cameras on me. Probably not really. Anyway, back to the action. We're about 1/3 into the video, and the oral action is underway. Knowing that the CumforCover movies have no insertions other than the oral variety, I'm wondering how this movie can keep my attention for the rest of the movie. As she alternates cocks, Eva tries a little deeper throating action, strands of spit forming as she eases up on the cock. I always like the look of this as long as the spit isn't too much. The guys are really fucking her face now, trying to get closer to climax. It really seems like a good time for somebody to start fucking her pussy now. How about a double penetration? But no, the gang blowjob continues. Now Eva spits onto one hard cock. Maybe too much spit for this reviewer. Still she looks quite good after all this. Two thirds done now, and it looks like the whacking off is about to begin. The guys are stroking themselves harder, although I'm focusing on Eva's face. Finally, 19:30 into the video the first splooge flies landing on the sides of Eva's mouth, and dripping inside. This is a good, thick shot and it frames her face nicely, the pearly cream color suitable for her skin tone. Shot number two is also healthy but doesn't work as well because of a poor camera angle. Still, a little more cum on Eva's lovely face looks just fine. The third shot is along the right side of her face, adding a second coating to the first. The fourth and final shot lands a thick glob on her left cheek, an area that was largely untouched before. A drop even land on her left eyelash, reminding this reviewer about her lovely dark brown eyes. Her face begins to beam as she knows she's successfully taken all cummers. She bids her partners farewell but not with a kiss but instead a long slow suck of their happy, freshly-emptied cocks. Now left to herself, she rubs the fresh cum into her face, much as if applying fine makeup. She licks the sticky cum off of her fingers, all the while rubbing her pussy with her other hand. While not my favorite genre of porn, this scene works largely because of Eva's lovely face. Since this is the most displayed feature of the model's body in this type of film, the face most be extremely pretty for the video to keep the viewer's attention. As much as tried not to, I had to fast forward through some of the sucking and male self-gratification. But in this case, at least, the wait was worth it because Eva would look good covered in just about anything, including four shots of creamy splooge. 9/10 :D