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The breathtaking Eleonor graces us with her presence at Cumforcover. She is here to suck four hard cocks and get her gorgeous face covered full of cum.

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The best “Cum for Cover” video is the one with sparkling 19-year-old Eleanor from Hungary. This scrumptious blonde has a lip-smacking, lean body and dazzling face highlighted by radiant eyes and perfect lips. Eleanor is drop dead gorgeous as she prances around in her two-piece green outfit and high-heel wedges. The action starts with Eleanor relaxing on a lounger as one stud walks in. While prepping her mouth with his fingers he promises her, “We are going to make you a very, very nasty bitch today.” Shortly after that Eleanor can’t wait to release his cock from his shorts. After spitting on it she goes to work on it with her mouth. With some powerful mouth-fucking it is obvious this stud is warming Eleanor up for the action to come. The other three swordsmen walk in to the scene aide their colleague in putting her mouth and throat through its paces. Eleanor looks magical stroking two barrels while another pounds her mouth overhead. The blonde angel looks spectacular looking up at the camera as the quartet of cock surround her. Eleanor works furiously making sure they all get an equal amount of sucking and stroking. She was full participant of the action rather than merely a puppet for them to mouth-fuck. Eleanor lies on the lounger with her head dangling over the edge as the four take their turn fucking her flawless, pink lips and mouth. One stud then hangs her over his shoulder. As Eleanor dangles upside down she slurps away on his rigid rod. While remaining suspended the other three also slam their cocks into her busy mouth. Eleanor then makes a valiant attempt to deep-throat each beefy baton. Eleanor once more squats on the floor. She leans back supporting herself with arms behind her. One after another they fuck Eleanor’s mouth as her mouthwatering breasts point upward. They do their best to shove their shafts as far down her open throat as possible. Eleanor’s eyeliner begins to smear adding to the rawness of the moment. What makes the action special is that Eleanor gets into it very well, but has a touch of the indifference that so many European women are known for. They reach the finale as the first warrior drops his load onto her left cheek, chin, and waiting mouth. Eleanor pushes some of the cum out of her mouth with her tongue. From her left the next stud sprays a half-dozen watery shots across Eleanor’s face with her mouth opened wide and tongue extended. With her lips pressed closed the third participant splattered her lips and chin, and with the last bit of his payload splashes some jizz on Eleanor’s forehead. The last combatant drop thick, white globs also on her forehead and the tip of her nose. Eleanor pushed some more white foam out of her mouth as the camera zoomed in on her soiled face. She looks simply magnificent sitting on the floor with her face covered in man-gravy. Eleanor’s combination of beauty and sexual rawness is what sets this scene above all others for more. skirt_chaser2005


Eleonor is one of the cutest models in the PerfectGonzo sites. Her face is so beautiful (look at her eyes and her mouth) and her body is pretty good too (maybe a little thin). After two anal scenes for other sites, it's time for some oral sex with four guys. The action is like in other Cumforcover scenes: lots of blowjobs, deepthroat, spitting, hand jobs... There are many different and good positions, funny moments and comments and Eleonor keeps a good aptitude all the time, good work!!! Maybe she doesn't like that kind of rough sex but she acts with professionalism. A good scene.


Eleonor greets us on the steps, wearing open toed shoes and a cute green two piece outfit. We get the obligatory tease, and lots of good closeups of her pretty face and mouth. The outfit comes off, and we have her on the couch in mish, playing with her pussy. A guy then comes out of nowhere, and starts softly choking her, and sticking his fingers in her mouth. This goes on for a bit (not sure why), but things heat up when she pulls down his shorts and starts sucking on his cock. She's on her knees, giving some good no hands head, and he takes control and starts skull fucking her. Before long, 3 other studs have joined the fray, and Eleonor has no problem giving each of them some attention. There's a lot of good deep throating here, one shot in particular is funny, as the first guy gets his tool all the way down her mouth, and holds it there until she slaps his thigh hard to get him out! Gotta love the attitude, haha. She pleases them some more while crouching, then switches over to the couch where she's on her back, and the guys take turns throat fucking her. For the foot fixation guys, at one point as she has two cocks near her face, the camera pans over and we see one guy is fucking her feet! Great stuff, that's what I'd be doing to if her mouth was already occupied. The deep throating continues, and we get a good position (as you can see in the preview pics) where she is bent over backwards, with her bare feet showing. Very hot stuff. After each guy gets his turn, we're ready for our facial finale. The first guy blows a nice, thick load, but gets most of it in her mouth! We're not in AssTraffic my friend, this is CumForCover! She spits it out to cover a bit of her cheek, but he should have nailed her forehead. To top it off, he spits a thick loogie on her afterwards (a la David Perry), that's cheating! The second guy shoots a decent load off that nails most of her left cheek under her eye. The third guy gets some clear goo on her lips and on her forehead. The fourth guy gets good white globs of goo onto her forehead and nose. Definitely not one of the top facials we've seen so far on the site, but good deep throating action throughout which will please oral fans. Rating: 7.5/10