Cony F

Added February 19, 2008

Five cocks are the perfect gift for this big titted slutty looking chick. She is definately a pro cock sucker by the way she deepthroats those dicks. Five shots of cum cover her face.

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Cony Ferarra


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Cony Ferarra has one of the most beautiful fake lips and tits I've seen. I don't know why she only has one scene but for sure is a great scene. She knows how to show to the camera the best of her. Cony might look kind the type of glam model but she likes hardcore sex. It's truly amazing to see her beautiful lips sucking. She has terrific oral skills and she is very clean on her technique too when working on a single cock. This might be one of my favorite scenes on Perfect Gonzo. You just enjoy watching Cony giving blowjobs to finally getting all her gorgeous face covered with cum. It was an excellent idea to clean Cony's face before the bukkake. 100/10 [-Ramon VM]


I know this one has already been reviewed, but damn. I can think of no other model that more urgently demands to have a POV video made as Cony. The taste we get in this video is ultra-hot. Her hypnotic lips, awesome body, and fuckable tits are without a doubt worth visiting again. My Score : 5 out of 5 - Civ


Budapest bombshell Cony Ferarra is 25-years-old with long-black hair, large boobs, and two dragons tattooed on her belly. The hot number shows us her nice rack before dropping to her knees. Cony goes to work on the cameraman’s cock. It is wonderful looking down at her as her mouth pleasures his dick. Her puffy lips look magical as they play with his shaft. In addition to her mouth, Cony gives his lucky cock a ride through her incredible tits. For the next four minutes or so she jerks and sucks our man behind the lens until he final releases his cum onto her outstretched tongue. With the prelim out of the way it is time for the main event. Five studs enter the room. Cony immediately goes to work on their beefy offerings. Squatting on the floor, her mouth and hands take up the daunting task of entertaining five dicks at one time. Cony looks at home surrounded by a mob of cocks only inches from her face. A lot of drool and spit made its way from Cony’s mouth to their cocks and to her breasts and floor below. The five guys lie down on the floor as Cony completely removes her top and shorts. We get a nice glimpse of the black strip of hair covering her pussy. The cheerful bitch starts on one end of the line of cocks. Showing her cocksucking talent Cony works her way down the smorgasbord of dick. She enjoys every second of it. The boys put Cony on her back on a lounger with her head on the end. One by one the guys stand astride her face to mouth fuck the sassy bitch. I love how Cony often shows bright-white upper teeth during her orals. This girl ain’t no na?ve girl scout, she has been to the rodeo a few times it appears. In one instance Cony is sucking one dick, stroking two others, and having one slide between her awesome tits. It is breathtaking watching her work. Cony sits up in the lounger. Once more the cocks swarm around her as her mouth merrily continues its endeavor to make each one of them happy. For the first time we really start seeing the guys taking charge more. They start pulling her head deeper down their dicks which does not bother Cony. The bitch loves spitting on her meaty trophies. Cony lays down on her stomach and tits on the lounger with her arms stretched back behind her. The boys carry on filling her eager mouth with cock. From the side and from the front they assault her. Cony enjoys working on two flesh helmets at the same time with her lips, tongue and mouth. The big conclusion arrives. While she kneels on the floor the first loaded pistol moves up on her right. Several first-rate discharges smash into the side of her face. Some of it even makes a nice white line across the bridge of Cony’s nose. From her right again the second bastard squeezes out his thick, white payload onto her forehead. Some of it flows down the left side of her nose, but a huge portion of it pools on her forehead. Stud number three strikes from the left. His white jets cover Cony’s left cheek, but his best work is the long bead that covers her upper lip perfectly. From the right the next guy offers up his watery load which pales in comparison to the first three. The fifth load drizzles onto her cheek from the left. This is a great scene. Cony is easily one of the top gonzo ladies. She has beauty and enthusiasm. Please give us more of this awesome creature.