Added November 5, 2007

Bonnie is quite a trooper. She squirts like crazy before deepthroating all the cocks. This chick sucks like a vacuum. Five loads of sperm cover her face completely.

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Bonni Bone


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Gabe - Perfectgonzo

Hey! This is a more than 10 year old scene, just fyi :)


Again the asshole in the beginning puts his disgusting toes in her mouth and calls her a whore and a bitch like he wants to fucking torture her. What a piece of shit... Please ban this scumbag from the site. He ruins every fucking video he appears in. 1/5


Anyone who has seen a Bonnie Bone video is well aware that she is in a slut league all of her own. I don't need pissing to remind me of that. There is not much she won't do. I honestly don't know if she knows how to suck cock without deepthroating and gagging. Around the 16:20 mark she deep throats two cocks with ease while getting fisted in the ass. She squirts a few times, which I'm personally not a fan of, but what do you expect with Ms. Bone? She decimates the room full of cocks and even takes the cumshots with great skill and acting. - Civlor


This mature, Hungarian beauty is what porn is all about. Right off the bat she pulls her shorts down, and pees on the stairs outside. She makes a big puddle with even a few droplets hitting the lens. Bonni yanks her shorts back up, and proceeds into the house. I love how the cameraman grabs her by the throat and guides her down to the wooden floor onto her back. Bonni pops her tits free of her top. She pulls her shorts to the side, and rubs her pussy. She rolls to her left to give us a good view of her puffy lips and butthole. The cameraman squeezes her mouth, slaps her face, and softly chokes the 30-year-old beauty. She removes her shorts, and takes a seat on the couch. The camera shoves Bonni’s crumpled shorts into her mouth, and also rubs them across her face. She then ascends a spiral staircase to the next floor. She drops to her knees, and crawls on the wooden floor towards the cameraman. Bonni climbs onto the end of a u-shape sofa. The first stud enters the scene. He continues the choking and face slapping treatment. He plunges his fingers into Bonni’s mouth, making sure she is ready for her upcoming ordeal. He uses both hands to spread it wide, showing us she has plenty of room for cocks in it. He vigorously fingers her cunt, and also has the nasty whore suck his toes. At long last, the bitch gets to her knees and commences her oral care of his cock. He holds her head tightly with both hands as he fucks her mouth. At times he clutches her throat as he drives his point home. The rest of the quintet enters the room. The oral blitzkrieg kicks into gear as the lucky five put Bonni’s mouth to the test with some ruthless throat-fucking. This bitch has my total respect as she never flinches when two and three cocks at a time are being shoved in her face. Bonni even manages to wrap her lips around a pair of helmets at a time. While she is being drive fed man-muscle her asshole is also molested by plunging fingers. Bonni has the greasy fingers fresh from her butthole rammed her mouth by the nasty stud so she can taste her own stinkhole. A pair of studs hold Bonni up in the air as a third power fucks her pussy with his hand. The hot whore squirts wildly, nailing the camera. They then lay her flat on a lounger. From overhead one of them starts ramming her mouth with his wicked dick. One by one each bad boy puts her throat to the test. Bonni kneels on the floor as the boys circle her. She works their cocks with her mouth and hands making sure all of them get equal attention. It is always great to see a stud jamming a lady’s face into the crotch of his buddy, and there is plenty of that in this video. From time to time Bonni gazes up to the camera as she muches away on her favorite food. Once more Bonni lies on the end of the u-shaped sofa on her stomach with her legs crossed behind her as she holds onto the spikes of her high heels. A cock strokes in and out of her sweet mouth. The small platoon of cocks each takes a turn at Bonni. In a weird and unique twist a couple of the guys lie on the floor as Bonni squats overhead. They allow to squirt her all over them as they stroke their cocks. Bonni sits down on her heels on the floor. From her right the first stud drizzles some cum onto her left cheek and above her lip. Once more from the right another swordsman sprays some white gold across her lips, onto her right cheek, and a bit onto her forehead. The third man lets out several good torrents from her left with some dripping down from her forehead to her ear. Stud number four fires some good volleys into her left eye, onto the bridge of her nose, and left forehead. The last warrior pushes out thick, white globs onto her forehead and nose. The mouth-fucking is almost 100% perfect, the facial is a 90% easy, and the energy of the scene is a 90% a well. It may not be a perfect 100%, but this is a great cumforcover girl. I will be looking for more Bonni performances in the near future.


Here we have Bonnie Bon doing a CumForCover shoot, and WOW is this chick filthy! If you've seen her AssTraffic movie then you know what I'm talking about, she's one dirty slut. Bonnie looks really good in this video, she's wearing a really hot outfit, a blue and pink checkerd little number. Her lipstick and eyeshadow match the outfit, basically Bonnie looks hotter in this video than her other two shoots on the network. Opening appearence is very important to me, and Bonnie caught my eye right from the first picture. From here, were does this video go...pissing (Bonnie that is), stripping, pissing, cock-sucking, pissing, cock-sucking, five cum shots to the sluts face and finnally, yes, more pissing. Bonnie looks really good with all the cum on her dirty little face, I only wished there was more. Two or thress more guys unloading on her face would have been key here. All in all a great CumForCover video though. I give it a solid B +. After watching this flick I REALLY wanted to just piss all over Bonnie's slutty little face and then cum all over it.Good Stuff.