Added January 22, 2008

Beatrix just loves to take cocks deep in her mouth and that's exactly what she does at Cum For Cover. She polishes four cocks. The guys blow their loads in a wine glass and she covers herself in cum.

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What a disappointing ending to a great idea.. At the end, instead of the guys cumming on Beatrix mouth one by one, they all cum into a glass, and Beatrix (Or the director) Pours the liquid on her face, sadly this is poorly done, as the cum wasn't properly distributed across her face. But, I gotta be honest, it was really hot to see how Beatrix milked the guys, one by one, stroking one cock with one hand, and holding the glass with the other, the guys could not keep it quiet as they moaned in pleasure when their balls were being milked. The glass looked amazing at the end, almost 1/4 of delicious white sperm. I agree with one of the previous comments, it would be better to swallow it, but it was a Cum for Cover movie.


Beatrix is very attractive and has a banging body. She does a great job in the submissive role, but shows us very quickly that she is as naughty as the come. She gets hammered in the throat as is expected with Cum for Cover videos. She takes on four cocks without breaking a sweat. Then at about the 11:30 mark she starts taking on two at a time! Yes! The occasional POV angle is also a big plus. She also takes on some sort of robotic cock. No time to explain! As a finale, she collects their jizz in a glass and pours it on herself. A nice change from the usual. Great video! - Civlor


What a waste of a glass of cum, she needed to swallow that!


We are introduced to 24-year-old, cocksucking-bitch Beatrix. I love it when the cameraman clutches her neck and commands the hot blonde to open her mouth. It is obvious that Beatrix does not mind be treated rough. By the time she lies on the black lounger, this bitch is ready for action. With her head resting on the foot of the lounger four studs enter the picture. One of them waste no time. He straddles her face, and right away starts fucking her mouth. Each guy gets his turn at her eager mouth. These men show Beatrix who is in charge with some powerful mouth-fucking. Any throat-fucking fan will love it when they grab her by the hair, and slam her head back and forth over their cocks. Beatrix is a regular Houdini the way she makes their cocks disappear. They have Beatrix squat on the white rug, and continue their brutish face-fucking. Beatrix drools during the onslaught. When she looks up at the camera you can see the fire in her eyes. Beatrix loves spitting on their cocks. All four guys circle her. The wildistic whore devours their tasty treats. There is plenty of hair pulling and face shoving. Beatrix evens squeezes two dicks into her mouth simultaneously multiple times. The action reminds me of the ending scene in the great, early-1980’s film Taxi Girls where the men are in control and the woman has to deal with it. If you love ferocious, mouth fucking and the raw energy this video is for you. One of the boys hoists Beatrix up so she can suck on his cock inverted. They pass her around in her upside down state so she can do more dick. They then lay her flat on a green sofa. A stud fills her empty mouth with beef. Beatrix is even so kind that she licks his ass for a brief moment. Every one of the nasty bastards fucks her mouth. Her face and neck glisten from the spilled slobber. After each have an individual shot at her, a few team to feed her cock together. They moved her into doggy position on the sofa with her face at the edge. The vicious face-fucking resumed. The guys laughed as they enjoyed their blonde tramp. They grab her hair and drag her to their cocks. In the end they all cum in a glass and Beatrix pours it over her face. I would have preferred the normal means of delivery. To be honest it was hard to write a review, because the scene was so hot and so packed with energy. If you like no-holds-barred, intense, ferocious, mouth-fucking, this video is for you