Added October 9, 2007

Four guys get a warm welcome inside the mouth of this adorable brunette teen. She deepthroats them like a champ and gets her face smothered in sperm.

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Black Angelica


Art & Addons piercing tattoo Breasts medium Butt apple Clothes bikini high heels Cumshot facial - bukkake Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type baby face next-door Fetish fingers in mouth tittie play Furniture sofa Hair long - straight Hair color dark Location living room Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia medium Sex blowjob - single deep throat throat fucking Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing

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Black Angelica looks very different now than when this video was released. I like to think of them as two girls, Remodeled Black, and Classic Black. The good news is I am a fan of both! In this video Classic Black seems barely able to control her sluttyness, never removing her hand from her mouth. She nearly sucks it to where her watch would be. Damned lucky fingers. Even back then she had a banging body before all the installations. Black is so hot and slutty in this video. She sucks her fingers, she sucks the camerawoman's fingers, she sucks the couch, the dildo, and eventually, she even sucks some cock. When I say suck cock, I mean she throats it relentlessly. One cock becomes two, then quickly four. She handles them with ease, a trait missing from more modern girls. My only criticism is she does not take two cocks in the mouth nearly enough. I mean, she definitely could handle it. She takes their loads in stoic silence, which is a bit odd comparing it to the tempo of the action beforehand. Great scene overall with one of my favorite actresses. - Civlor


“Angelica Cum Covered” Face: B Body: A Charm: B Sex: B (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) Angelica, mostly known here for a stellar Tamed Teens outing, returns for another vid in similar style for Cum Covered. Both sites feature more docile performances, and Angelica gives a great innocent, naive vibe on camera. Watching her get dominated by men becomes quite pleasing, and the Cum Covered theme fits in perfectly with her strengths as a performer. The action takes off with a tease scene where Angelica is directed into many different actions by a female voice (kind of kinky). The director even gets her fingers sucked by the starlet! Angelica has a great body, and the tease captures her from various angles. Of course, they focus heavily on her mouth and finger-fucking her mouth, and the combination of a hot innocent performer spitting and sucking a female director's hand leading up to a huge oral frenzy is quite remarkable. Great tease! Dildo action comes into play, and the intensity slowly builds. (13:15) The face fucking commences, and for the next 14 minutes 4 guys furiously fuck her face. A lot of the action happens while she is on her back, turning her performance into that of a passive mouth-pussy. Angelica rarely blows the guys, it's mostly them pounding away at her mouth.The action is intense, and enjoyable. I especially loved watching her body during the action, and the director takes care of keeping her body on camera during most of the penetration. The cum scene is much more tame, as the men unload on her face. She puts in virtually no effort in milking the rods as they cum on her face, and I found this part of her performance to be the weakest of the vid and kind of a let down. If you like face fucking and a hot naive brunette, this is a great download and worth watching. -Scene Doc


The tease makes the scene, I say. That's especially true of blow-bang movies. Thankfully, the folks at CumForCover seem to know this axiom well, and Angelica gives us a good thorough dumb-show so we can anticipate what's going to happen to her before it actually happens. She looks fabulous, and when her pink bikini finally peels its way off her body, the tease isn't done yet. While Angelica's own fist looks fabulous stuffed into her mouth, I don't like it so much when the director's hand takes its turn. Things pick up again when Angelica is introduced to a pink dildo and she demonstrates what her throat is for before the real cocks arrive. Four guys fuck Angelica's throat until it squirts drool. The action progresses through several positions--all equally frenetic and merciless--and by the end of the scene, she looks a little worn down. Although the facial is nothing to balk at, Angelica takes it with a decided lack of fanfair. On the other hand, the "passive cum-receptacle" angle definitely has its appeal to yours truly. I wasn't a fan of the director's participation, either verbally or with her hand, which I thought spent too much time exploring Angelica's mouth. Angelica is very pretty, and she's expertly shown off, but once the main event got going, she didn't seem crazy about the freight-train throat fuck. That said, I still enjoyed the scene, and if you like good tease along side some rougher oral action, you might enjoy it too. MLyons


Angelica (Black Angelika) is a true docile kind of girl. This scene begin with Angelica touching her lips with herf fingers while being interviewed by an unknown woman instead of the habitual male voice. The interviewer soon gag her throat with her fingers and then bring her a big pink dildo. She deepthroat the dildo with lots of spits. She lays back on the coach and then a male comes in, spit in her mouth and begin to face fuck her. Four guys relay on her one by one and then together with the interviewer constantly command her to look in the camera and suck the cocks. Let me tell you that she's a pro with all the stuff, double dick mouth packing, deepthroat, spit. To finish the scene, the guys come on her face has while she look directly in the camera with her beautiful eyes. The last cumshot dripping down her forehead and her nose finish the scene...we want more of that bitch !