Added April 8, 2008

Andy is an adorable blonde cock sucker! She sucks off four horny guys. Her face gets loaded full of jizz. Andy get the perfect facial treatment.

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Dressed in a patriotic red top, blue short, and silver boots we meet 25-year-old Romanian beauty Andy. The stunning blonde is a perfect babe for this series. After playing with her cunt and removing her top and shorts Andy is ready for the cocks. She squats on the floor as the dicks surround her. Andy immediately goes to work on the beefy batons with her mouth and hands. The guys waste no time in grabbing her head, and fucking her face. Andy loves feasting on the four shafts. They place her on the sofa so her head dangles over the front edge. The barrage of face fucking begins. Andy enjoys sucking their nut sacks and choking on their dicks. All four take their shot at plowing her mouth. It is a great sight when a dick is shoved so far into her mouth that the balls press against the nose. Andy gets on her hands and knees on the sofa. Like a good girl she takes it in the mouth as the stud stands before her on the cushion. Her flawless tits sway as they pound her mouth and throat. I love watching them clutch her throat as they jam their dicks deep into her mouth. The guys line up in a row. Andy drops to her knees and starts working on their stiff cocks. Her hand and mouth work in perfect unison. Moving to her left Andy works down the line. This bitch gives more attention to the balls than most. After reaching the end of the line the guys lie down on the floor. Andy’s oral excellence continues. Andy takes a seat on the sofa. She takes a little more face pounding. The guys boot her from the sofa, and take a seat themselves. Bending forward Andy makes her way down the couch of cocks. This whore loves her cocksucking. Andy is ready for the four guys to pay up for all her hard work. Her beautiful face is first stained from the right by a paltry helping of jizz. The second stud fires several good spurts across her nose and mouth from the left. The next prickster shoots many good jets onto her forehead and right cheek. Number four oozes his cum onto her nose. Some if trails down the left side of her mouth. The scene was good. Andy is a doll. I felt the facial was ok at best. I think a couple of the guys to be replaced with bigger shooters.