Aletta Ocean

Added March 18, 2008

The absolutely stunning Alien gets her face covered in sperm. She sucks off five lucky guys which end up leaving her face a sticky mess full of cum. Alien gets five facials.

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Aletta Ocean


Body Type curvy Breasts fake Butt thick Clothes bikini high heels Cumshot facial - bukkake Ethnicity caucasian Eyes grey Face Type slutty Fetish eye contact hair pulling tittie play Furniture carpet lounger Hair long - curly Hair color dark Location living room Male - Cum average thick Male - Dick size average big Male Models Frank Gun James Brossman Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia medium Sex blowbang blowjob - multiple deep throat masturbation throat fucking Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting striptease

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Legendary blowbang. Best scene ever on this site! Aletta is one sexy beauty and she can really suck cock!


This one is one truly fine piece of fine porn. The legendary Aletta Ocean in perhaps her first blowbang or bukkake! All regarding with this scene is perfect, from the model, to her performance and of course, all the camera angles and zooms the director makes on Aletta. Most of the cum was over Aletta's face and she looked as good as a glazed doughnut. She always smiling and doing her job. I knew that from here she had the potential to be as the big star she is now. No wonders if you are a fan of Aletta Ocean, this movie must be considered as a classic, universal favorite or a reference point at least. [-Ramon VM]


Aletta Ocean..Also known as "Alien" at that time. Super sexy face, great body + 5 guys, 5 fully erected dicks, and 10 balls full of hot, white semen. It's not hard to get the answer to the equation, but let me tell you, if Aletta's face was pretty at the start of the movie, it got a lot prettier at the end, when it's nicely covered by white liquid of 5 men. I just want to highlight the last guy to paint Aletta's ocean, he was amazing, he was able to cover Aletta's forehead side to side with two shoots of solid white sperm.


Our eyes behold gorgeous Alien outside, before the long-haired, brunette walks indoors. The lip-smacking, busty wench is 20-years-old. She strut her stuff for us in and out of a hot, two-piece, black outfit. Her breasts in one word are PERFECT. Eleven minutes into the video the “Prick Patrol” finally arrives. Five studs barring five hard dicks for Alien. As the five stand in a row, she starts on one end. Squatting on her clear-plastic high heels Alien moves down the procession of cocks, giving each a good warm-up blow. The five gentlemen lay down on the floor once more in a row. Alien drops to her hands and knees. Her mouth vacuums on one cock while her hand strokes the next. She slides down the line slowly, her sweet mouth slurping away on their beefy batons. The guys are not bashful about grabbing her hair or banging her head down onto their shafts. One of the men gets to his knees, and grips Alien’s head as he fucks her mouth. They place Alien on her back on a lounger with her head on the foot-end. From her left a guy slips his dick into her mouth. His cock slides in and out of her mouth. They also straddle her face and plunge their dick deep into her throat. The mascara on her left eye has started to smear, and spit is running down her cheek. One by one they take their turn. Their balls often bounce down to cover her nostrils as they drive their cocks deep. Occasionally they fuck her face from the side. One stud straddles Alien facing her, and pulls her head up into his crotch. They have Alien lay on her stomach on the lounger with her head looking forward over one end. The face-fucking continues as they assault her from both sides. Her perfect tits and nipples dangle over the edge as the bruisers pound her throat. Alien’s is drived to suck hard and deep. Her chin and cheeks glisten from all the slobber she leaves on their cocks. Alien crouches on the floor. Cocks swarm around her. Her eager mouth and hands stay busy. Alien gives all five a good workout. She knows her time is growing short. Like a good whore Alien waits kneeling on the floor. From her right the first prick decorates her cheek with his small offering. The second shooter is a major step up from the first. He sends gooey jets across her nose, mouth, and chin from the right. Once more from the right the third stud squeeze his goo out onto her chin and lips. Her left side is addressed by the next man. His ample jets spray her forehead, hair, nose, and cheek. The last warrior strokes out two broad streams out onto Alien’s forehead, and wrings out some on her nose and chin. She is left with a nicely plastered kisser. Alien is stunning, she sucks cock well, and takes a good group facial. What more do you need in a bitch.