Myra L

Added March 4, 2008

Four horny cocks attack Myra's throat. She polishes each one and gets into position for the famed cum covering. Each guy releases his load on her face.

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Myra Lyon


Art & Addons piercing Breasts large Butt average Clothes boots costume lingerie Cumshot facial - bukkake Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type next-door Fetish eye contact tittie play Furniture sofa Hair long - straight Hair color blonde Location living room outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia small Sex blowjob - multiple blowjob - single Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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Mouth-watering, 22-year-old Myra is waiting for us. This blonde is gorgeous with a nice rack. In her nice white top and short skirt Myra gives us a nice pregame show. After ascending the stairs to the small indoor pool, Myra finds are four cock-stroking buccaneers waiting for her. She strips out of her clothes and removes her boots. Myra walks over to dick number one. She crouches down, and starts sucking away as he has a handful of her blonde hair. She steps down into the pool onto the first step. While standing in the knee-deep water she continues her sucking. Myra works her way down the line, sucking each lucky shaft. Crouching in the water she is surrounded by dicks. Leaving the pool, she sits on the edge. Myra continues her cocksucking marathon. Her hands and mouth stay busy. One guy licks her cunt from below. The action gets more aggressive as hands clutch her head. The guys lie down on the floor. Starting at the left, Myra moves down the row of cocks. They make sure she knows who is the boss, by shoving her head down over their columns. Myra skillfully sucks one dick while stroking two others. The guys lay Myra over the edge of the pool on her back with her head dangling down. This becomes an ideal position for straddling her face, and mouth-fucking the blonde whore. They all take a charge at her mouth. Myra kneels on the floor. With dicks in both hands, one in her mouth, and another looming overhead she shows the boys what she’s got. They love feeding her cock and occasionally even titty-fucking the exquisite. From the left sperm donor number one gives Myra a thick white mustache. He puts a pair of white marks on her forehead and adds some cream to her cheek. The second patron fires a strong blast from the right striking her nose. He follows it up with a couple that streak her mouth and chin, and one that stripes her nose. The next stud adds more to her nose and left cheek. He even decorates above her left eyebrow. The last warrior sprays her right cheek. He applies some more cream to her forehead. Myra’s face is a glazed tour de drive. The hot blonde gives us an excellent scene.