Added April 12, 2007

Hot and horny brunette Evelyn wanders around a big green park as she is joined by three hung studs. Their hard dicks enjoy the knob polishing job Evelyn has to offer and these guys take full advantage of it. Full of hard deep throat banging as well as deep ball sucking action. Eventually, all guys unload on her face leaving her in a sticky mess. Enjoy!

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Evelyn Foxy


Body Type skinny Breasts perky round small Butt bubble butt Clothes costume fishnet high heels hotpants stockings Cumshot facial - bukkake Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue Face Type glamorous Fetish eye contact tittie play Furniture sofa Hair long - straight Hair color brown Location living room outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia small Sex blowjob - multiple deep throat throat fucking Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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Here we go, the first ever Cum for Cover movie! This site promises blowjobs galore and massive facials, let's see how the initial vids go. Evelyn has been seen on these sites before, and in this particular scene is wearing neon pink fishnets with white open toed shoes, along with a skimpy two piece outfit. She grinds around, and get to admire her incredible and toned body. She peels off her short to reveal pink pantis, and pulls down her top to show off her perky tits. Eventually the panties come off, and she puts a leg up on a chair and spreads her ass and pussy open. She turns around, and sits on the chair, spreading her legs open and playing with her clit. We then see her walk around for a bit, which is hot because her beautifull ass bounces up and down nicely. Next thing you know, she is on her knees sucking one cock, with another in her left hand! Another guy quickly appears, and we have a 3 on 1 cocksucking bonanza. Evelyn is in control, sucking each guy briefly before switching to another. They then stand side by side, and Evelyn goes to each guy in turn, deep throating and spitting up lots of saliva. They then lie down side by side, and Evelyn again takes turns sucking each guy off. We then get a great idea, Evelyn takes turns 69ing each of the guys. I would love to have that pussy and ass in my face, that's for sure. Evelyn is then crouching by a small pond as each guy gets over her face and throatfucks her. This is solid skullfucking as the guys fuck her face good in this position. Then, two of the guys pick Evelyn up, and swing her back and forth into the other guy's dick! Just like an airplane, she swoops in to suck his cock, then is swooped back out, original stuff. She then gets put upside down over the shoulders of one of the guys and takes turn sucking the two others while in this position. I have to confess never having seen these particular positions before, kudos to the director and actors for coming up with something fresh! The scene shifts and we are set up for the facial finish. Evelyn fondles her tits and looks up at the camera, awaiting her loads. The first guy drips a small, gooey load on the right side of her face. The second cock drips a very gooey, white load on the right side of her face, really messing it up! Good shot there. The third guys comes from above her, dropping two really big goo shots right on her forehead! Her forehead is all white from the aftermath, that was one of the thickest loads I'd seen! Evelyn plays with the cum on her face a bit, and we get a close-up of the white cum on her forehead. The scene fades out. This is a good beginning for this site. I assumed there would be more guys, and in later movies there are as many as five, so I hope they keep it that way. Three guys is good, but you can get better facials with five or more. The girl and action here was great, as we have come to expect. The facial was not quite as large as I had wanted, mainly because the loads were too thick, so there wasn't enough to cover her face. Hopefully we'll see bigger facial blasts in the coming videos. Rating: 8/10