Added July 24, 2007

Brigita looks like she came off the cover of a men's magazine... or a men's club that is. Anyway she has no problem sucking five cocks and getting her face covered in cum.

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Body Type milf Breasts fake Butt average Clothes costume high heels Cumshot facial - bukkake Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue Face Type slutty Fetish eye contact tittie play Furniture table Hair ponytail Hair color dark Location outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia medium Sex blowjob - multiple masturbation Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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I think this is one of the best Cum for Cover scenes I've ever seen. The willing manner of Brigita to receive all the cum on her gorgeous face makes this scene so special. She likes it, it looks that she feels pleasure and it also looks very good on her. Not to mention her extraordinary oral skills with amazing deep throat. If you ask me, for her was like a fantasy made reality, or sort of, due her big passion during all the scene. For me this is a big classic of Perfect Gonzo! PERFECT/10 [-Ramon VM]


Brigita has a sexy face with very long black hair. Her body is pretty good with fake tits recently operated. Her ass is so good, but unfortunately we don't see cocks inside it. The scene takes place outdoors and the lighting and the camera work is very good. Great work guys. When the guys join her, the cocksucking festival starts. She is a pro coksucker: with one or two hands, without hands, deepthroating, spitting... we even see some tit fucking (her boobs are perfect for that). This is a 25 minutes cocksucking lesson!!! A+ for her.


As this movie opens, Brigita is lounging on a set of pillows, with open-toed shoes that show off her red colored nails and a two piece black outfit with flame patterns on it. We get some great tease shots here, with Brigita grinding and moving seductively, without showing us her goods just yet. She caresses herself before taking off her top to show mammoth man-made boobs. The panties are next to drop, and she goes into doggie, fingering her pussy. She then sits down, and we get a great view of her cleanly shaved twat, as she fingers and caresses her clit. She stands up, and moves around, doing some incredibly flexible stretches before the scene suddenly fades and we're presented with Brigita surrounded by five hard dicks! The guys circle around her and she takes turns putting each of them down her throat. She deep throats pretty well when she wants to, and some of the guys do a good job of throatfucking her. Next we get the CumforCover position, and Brigita takes pleasure in sliding from one guy to the next on her knees. This is a great segment for you deep throat fans. She takes these cocks in all the way down her throat, and uses her tits too for good measure! After she's done with the guy at the end of the line, she crawls back to the beginning, and for foot fixation fans you get nice shots of her soles here. The guys stand up in line and she goes through each one yet again, doing some deep throating and tit fucking. She is really a great cocksucker! For the last position, she's lying down on her back and the guys come in one at a time from above to throatfuck her. After a brief circle blowjob, she is on her knees on a pillow, with the five guys erect and stroking, ready to drop their loads onto her pornstar face. The first guy shoots a nice and thick load that gives her a cum moustache! A big wad of it rolled down her right cheek onto the ground though. The second guy delivers a great, thick white load on her forehead, and around her lips. Excellent shot! The third guy adds to the cum moustache with numerous spurts, some even filling her right nostril, which she has to blow open! The fourth guy shoots 8-10 spurts of watery cum, with some hitting her right eye and some going in her mouth. The final guy shoots a really thick and white load that nails her left shoulder and her lips. We get a closeup of her gooey face, which is a terrific mess. This is great for guys who like gooey cumshots, they nailed her forehead and lip area so that she is totally gooey at the end! As the scene fades, cum is oozing off her face onto her breasts. Excellent facial! This was a very good scene, though Brigita is not my type per se, she is a great deep throater and the guys delivered quality loads. That's what we want to see from this site, and it came through big time here. Rating: 8.5/10